Active 4 Future

Grafik mit der Aufschrift "Active 4 Future"

The second online network meeting for committed SMV students from Global Ethic schools took place on 10 November 2023 and 15 March 2024 under the title ‘Active 4 Future’. 40 […]

Conference ‘Liberal Islam’

Regenbogenfarben am Nachthimmel mit Symbolen des Islams.

Islamic religious life is diverse and is organised in different institutions in Germany. Demands for a liberal Islam are being voiced from very different directions. At the same time, the […]

Newly published: Interreligious Initiatives in Germany

Ein Bücherstapel der Publikation "Interreligiöse Initiativen in Deutschland - ein Wegweiser".

The Foundation’s tasks include participating in various networks and working groups, such as the ‘Interreligious Network Germany’. The handbook ‘Interreligious Initiatives in Germany – A Guide’, a joint project of […]

Erasmus+ project ValiDE

Studierende des ValiDE-Projekts aus Deutschland, Polen und Norwegen lächeln zum Gruppen-Foto in die Kamera.

For the second time, students from the Erasmus+ project “ValiDE – Values in Democracy Education at Primary Schools” visited the Aischbach elementary school in Tübingen to gain a practical insight […]

Interfaith network holds hybrid meeting

Menschen unterhalten sich beim Vernetzungstreffen der Räte der Religionen.

Around 30 representatives of various interfaith initiatives and institutions came together on 16 November 2023 for the hybrid meeting of the Interfaith Network Germany. In previous years, the meeting took […]