27. October 2023

The Global Ethic – A Project of Hope

Following the cruel terrorist attacks by Hamas on October 7 against Jews, indeed against the State of Israel as a whole, and after the first counterattacks by the Israeli military, we were asked, “What is Global Ethic doing in the face of this terrible terror and escalating violence?”

Statement of the Global Ethic Foundation

On the occasion of the Hamas terror against the state of Israel

“Global Ethic” – the Global Ethic Foundation, its Global Ethic Institute and all those who are dedicated to peaceful coexistence in the spirit of Global Ethic – are doing what many people around the world are currently doing:

  • We unreservedly condemn these terrorist attacks in the strongest possible terms.
  • We are stunned by the brutality with which people have been and are being murdered because of their supposed Jewishness.
  • We mourn with those who have lost children, parents, relatives or friends.
  • We feel for those who fear for the lives of their loved ones, indiscriminately and brutally kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.
  • We suffer with those – be they Jews or Palestinians – who are now innocent victims of terror, expulsion and war.
  • We hope with those who are struggling in the background of these terrible events that the violence will not escalate endlessly and that the countless victims can at least receive a minimum of humanitarian aid.
  • And we are appalled by the increasing anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism that is once again spreading in our country, and we will do our utmost to oppose it.

But “Global Ethic” wants more and “Global Ethic” can do more. The Global Ethic Project sees itself as a global peace project – on a large and small scale. We strive, despite all resistance, to bring people of different religions, cultures and world views into conversation with each other and to keep them in conversation even in the face of such terrible events We inform and share knowledge so that resentments are questioned and prejudices do not arise in the first place, so that an objective analysis and reappraisal is possible in due course. And we talk about peace when others still believe that peace can only be enforced through violence.

That is why the Global Ethic is not only a peace project, but also a project of hope that cannot be started soon enough!

Tübingen, 20.10.2023

Dr. Stephan Schlensog, Secretary General