27. July 2023

Networking Meeting of the Global Ethic Schools

We need a common set of values in order to be able to live well together. That is why children and young people need to learn that, despite all our differences, we humans are connected to one another by common ethical values. And that they learn how to deal constructively with this diversity, in a democratic and peaceful way.

Global Ethic Schools anchor an education in values in the school concept and live a value-based school culture. Last week, 60 representatives of all Global Ethic schools met in Tübingen at the headquarters of the Global Ethic Foundation for a networking meeting to discuss this.

The ‘Market of Opportunities’ provided the participants with a platform where they were able to compare notes about their work, exchange ideas and advise one another. Colourful bulletin boards and displays provided information about the work the school representatives do, regarding the subject of global ethics.

Furthermore, the guests were able to be inspired by the best practices of fellow Global Ethic Schools, as well as the school administration from Tübingen and the surrounding area, in order to create their own Global Ethic projects. Julia Willke (Head of Education at the Global Ethic Foundation) and her staff answered all questions about the Global Ethic School Program.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Karl Schlecht Foundation and the Dieter von Holtzbrinck Foundation, who generously support the Global Ethic School Program.

Likewise, we would also like to thank all participants for their commitment and inspiring exchange!

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