10. January 2024

Newly published: Interreligious Initiatives in Germany

Ein Bücherstapel der Publikation "Interreligiöse Initiativen in Deutschland - ein Wegweiser".

The Foundation’s tasks include participating in various networks and working groups, such as the ‘Interreligious Network Germany’. The handbook ‘Interreligious Initiatives in Germany – A Guide’, a joint project of the Global Ethic Foundation (Dr Theresa Beilschmidt) and the Global Ethic Institute (Director Prof. Dr Ulrich Hemel), emerged from the ‘Interreligious Cartography’ working group. It is the first presentation of interreligious actors in Germany.


Interfaith initiatives in the municipalities, local authorities and at federal level

Promoting social cohesion

The question of how religions deal with each other is of great importance for the future of pluralistic, open societies. Three initiatives for interreligious understanding have joined forces for the first time to publish this Germany-wide guide: Religions for Peace Germany, the Global Ethic Project and the Federal Congress of Councils of Religions as an association of local interreligious initiatives. The ‘Forum Religions in Context’, a communication and research centre at the University of Potsdam, was added as a further academic partner.

The book contains profiles of seventy interfaith organisations and initiatives. It is supplemented by reflections on the history and future of interreligious dialogue in Germany and on the role of religion in civil society. The guide would like to encourage people to get to know the interfaith actors and councils of religions locally in the municipalities and communities as well as at a national level and to recognise their peace-building potential. As a treasure trove of good religious practice, it is intended to encourage further networking and contribute to social cohesion.

The anthology was published by Ergon Verlag at the end of December. It is published by Religions for Peace Deutschland e. V., the Global Ethic Foundation, the Federal Congress of Councils of Religions and Forum Religionen im Kontext.

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