10. April 2024

Global ethic for democracy & human rights

Zu sehen ist das Logo vom Bündnis für Demokratie und Menschenrechte.

The Global Ethic Foundation is part of the non-partisan and civil society ‘Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights’ in the district of Tübingen. More than 60 organisations, initiatives, churches, associations, municipal officials, clubs and parties have now joined the alliance.

Foundation joins in

Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights

‘Hate is not an opinion!’ Sentences like this are directed against people – mostly from the radical right, but also from the radical left camp and from the lateral thinker milieu – who believe that anger, hatred or even violence against those who think differently can take the place of political discussion. Such an attitude polarises and divides our society. Across Germany, there is increasing concern about the growing influence of such parties and thus the fear of intolerance, discrimination and violence.

Initiatives such as the Tübingen ‘Alliance for Democracy & Human Rights’ are important and counteract this – which is why the Global Ethic Foundation has also joined the alliance.

In line with the Global Ethic programme, the Global Ethic Foundation’s projects consistently promote respect, tolerance and diversity and oppose all forms of discrimination. ‘This is our contribution to the protection of democracy and human rights, which is more important than ever in times like these,’ explains Dr Stephan Schlensog, Secretary General of the Global Ethic Foundation.

The foundation is active in the following areas:

  • Interreligious and intercultural dialogue
  • Value dialog
  • Promotion of democracy
  • Raising awareness of ecological responsibility
  • Peace work
  • General and school education work
  • Consultancy work for politics and religious communities

In addition to the Global Ethic Foundation, the Global Ethic Institute is also a member of the alliance, which has invited people to an open alliance discussion entitled ‘Between Crises and Consensus’. To mark the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law on 23 May 2024, the Global Ethic Institute is planning an event with the participation of the Alliance: an open exhibition of positions on past successes as well as the current significance and future expectations of the Basic Law.

An overview of all alliance members and the joint declaration of the alliance can be found here .

‘The core mission of our foundation is to enable people to agree on perspectives across religious-dogmatic boundaries and to develop hopeful perspectives for overcoming upcoming challenges together, despite all resignation and resistance.’