16. March 2024

Active 4 Future

Grafik mit der Aufschrift "Active 4 Future"

The second online network meeting for committed SMV students from Global Ethic schools took place on 10 November 2023 and 15 March 2024 under the title ‘Active 4 Future’. 40 pupils in grades 7 to 12 from twelve global ethic schools met virtually to receive inspiration for global ethic projects and then coach each other in project development.

Impetus for global ethic projects in schools

Online network meeting

The first part of the network meeting provided inspiration and ideas for new school projects related to global ethics. Four workshops were offered in cooperation with the Development Education Centre Reutlingen (EPiZ). These addressed global and local topics related to global ethical values:

  • Workshop 1: Making peace worldwide

  • Workshop 2: Who is Pacha Mama? Colonial continuities using the example of Andean cultures in America

  • Workshop 3: Sexual diversity and human rights

  • Workshop 4: Avoiding plastic in everyday life and at school

In the afternoon, the participants exchanged ideas during peer coaching. With this input, the students went into a joint dialogue to find project ideas, and in the second part of ‘Active 4 Future’ they were given the opportunity to discuss the planned and implemented projects.

I generally found it very informative and great, because afterwards you have lots of good ideas about what you can improve at the school.

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