14. June 2024

Why name a school after Hans Küng?

Der Flyer zur Umbenennung der Hans Küng Schule
Foto: Stiftung Weltethos

On 12 June 2024, the Progymnasium Burladingen was renamed Hans-Küng-Progymnasium and celebrated in a ceremony. This naming not only honours a world-renowned scientist and theologian, but also provides inspiration and guidance for students. To what extent could Hans Küng be an inspiration or possibly a role model for young people? And why is it a good idea to name a school after him?

A guide to understanding

Küng has always stood up for tolerance, understanding and global responsibility. In times when fear of the supposedly foreign is being stirred up and social exclusion and division are being promoted, his work on the Global Ethic Project and his efforts to promote interreligious dialogue and understanding are more relevant than ever.

In schools, too, we see every day how important respect and the ability to engage in dialogue are for successful coexistence in diversity. In an increasingly globalised and diverse society, global ethics can provide valuable impetus for peaceful and respectful coexistence.


Young people are facing global crises and are confronted with bullying, discrimination and depictions of violence on social media as well as populism, political hatred and hate speech. Young people need to be well-informed, intellectually independent and have a clear inner compass in order to resist: as a critical thinker, Hans Küng can offer guidance in this respect.

Inspiration through lifelong curiosity 

Hans Küng’s insatiable curiosity and willingness to keep learning and take on new challenges also characterise him as a role model. His life shows that learning and growth are a lifelong process. Hans Küng can also be an inspiration and role model for young people in a constantly changing world.

A legacy of hope

Hope and values are essential for the education and development of young people and make Hans Küng an ideal namesake for a school. His entire life and work were borne by his threefold hope, which is also immortalised on his gravestone:

“I hope for a unity of the churches.
I hope for peace between religions.
I hope for a community of nations.”

The decision to name a school after Hans Küng not only honours his impressive life’s work, but is also an investment in the values and future of the next generation.

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